Warehouse Food Distribution

Emergency Food operations at our warehouse (Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5pm) provide 3-5 days’ worth of non-perishables as well as milk, eggs, and other fresh items to people referred to Food for Others by Fairfax County CSP and various social service providers.

Families who qualify based on income eligibility may also receive monthly food supplements that we order on their behalf from the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). Clients who visit the warehouse can shop for their food in a small grocery store-type space where they can choose foods that are nutritious, culturally appropriate, allergy sensitive, and according to their preferences.

At the warehouse, there are materials to help keep children entertained, and partner non-profits offer diapers and free books to children who come with their parents. Spanish speaking volunteers and staff are on hand to assist people who need Spanish translation services.

Food Recovery

In the past year, 42 percent of the food we distributed was obtained through rescue operations.

This food would have been thrown away from local grocery stores due to overstocking or an upcoming “sell date.”

To collect fresh fruits and vegetables for our clients, volunteers visit local farmers’ markets to collect donations of unsold produce for the food bank. Also, Food for Others staff and volunteers make weekly trips to local farms to recover produce that has fallen on the ground, is on broken branches, or would not sell in stores due to unrealistic standards of beauty.

Rx for Food

Food for Others joined forces with Burke Pediatrics, several county offices and the Capital Area Food Bank in early 2017 to start the Rx for Food program after The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that pediatricians screen families for food insecurity using the Hunger Vital Sign toolkit. Through the Rx for Food program, doctors screen their patients for food insecurity and refer them to Food for Others with a prescription for food.