Food for Others is a 501(c)(3) organization, working to help those in Northern Virginia who are food insecure.

If you have questions about donations, please contact Anna Slaten at

A financial statement is available upon request from the Office of Consumer Affairs, Commonwealth of Virginia.

To donate safely by credit card or by eCheck, click the Donate Now button.

Or you can donate through Paypal Giving Fund. 

To donate by check or money order, make your donation payable to Food for Others and mail it to: Food for Others, 2938 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22031

If you would like to make a stock donation to Food for Others, please complete a Stock Donation Form and mail or fax it to Food for Others, or contact our Executive Director at 703-207-9173.

Food for Others welcomes donations through workplace giving campaigns. If your workplace offers matching funds, please take advantage of it to benefit Food for Others.

  • We are a member of the America’s Charities Community First Federation
  • For the Combined Federal Campaign, if you are a Federal government employee, use code 40790
  • For the United Way campaign write in Food for Others

If you are 72 years old and subject to RMD, please consider making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to Food for Others. This will allow you to avoid the ordinary income taxes you would be required to pay on your RMD. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Contributions can only come from IRAs, inactive SIMPLE IRAs, inactive SEP IRAs, or inherited IRAs, not pre-tax employer plans;
  • Contributions must be paid directly from the IRA Custodian to Food for Others;
  • The contribution can be part or all of the RMD;
  • The donation can’t exceed $100,000 per tax year for an individual or $200,000 for a married couple filing jointly ($100,000 from each person’s IRA); and
  • The funds must come out of your IRA by December 31 to count toward that year’s RMD.

Food for Others is an IRS-qualified public charity able to accept donations from donor-advised funds. A donor-advised fund is a charitable investment account for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about.

Donor-advised funds are held at sponsoring organizations that are public charities themselves, often established and managed by for-profit businesses. Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, and Vanguard Charitable are a few examples.

When you contribute cash, securities or other assets to a donor-advised fund, you are usually able to take an immediate tax deduction. Then those investments grow tax free. You can even bunch what would normally be several years-worth of charitable giving into one gift to a donor-advised fund, take the tax deduction, and then spread out the gifts over time. As you find qualified charities to support, you can recommend that the donor-advised fund pay out grants to the charities of your choice.

This is a great way to simplify your charitable giving. Only one tax receipt to keep up with and no need to visit multiple charity donation sites.

Please contact a financial advisor for more information. Or you can contact Anna Slaten at or (703) 207-9173 for help.

Privacy Policy

Food for Others respects the privacy of our donors and we will not sell or trade a donor’s personal information to any other entity without the express permission of the donor.