The Heart of Our Operations: Our Volunteers 

As we embrace the charm (and yes, the cheesiness) of Valentine’s Day, we dedicate this blog to the heart of Food for Others – our volunteers! From the fast-paced lobby of My Market to the comradery of packing power packs, volunteers are the backbone of Food for Others. Food for Others has seen thousands of

Why Choice: Celebrating One Year of My Market

This month marks one year since the opening of My Market. A hub for community, My Market has seen a plethora of volunteers, donors, and clients walk through the doors. Volunteers and clients alike share smiles and stories. Amid the changing seasons, from the calm days of July to the chaos of December, My Market

Harvesting Hope: Thanksgiving at Food for Others

Thanksgiving week is usually buzzing with energy – from last minute grocery shopping to coordinating travel plans with family, the week can feel overwhelming. However, for many of our neighbors, the feelings of stress do not come from an overabundance and juggling conflicting plans, but rather stem from a lack of food. The week of

Taking Action During Hunger Action Month

At Food for Others, September marks more than just the changing of seasons, it’s a time where our community gathers together for Hunger Action Month. Hunger Action Month, observed each September, serves as a reminder of the power of collective action and compassion – two ideals that are reflected in the Food for Others mission

A Note of Recognition for former Executive Director Annie Turner

As Summer 2023 draws to a close, the Food for Others community says goodbye to former Executive Director, Annie Turner. We reflect on the legacy that Annie is leaving behind and the impact her leadership and passion have had on our community.  While some of us only know Annie as the Executive Director, her work

Growing our Community: A Look into Peace Lutheran’s Gardens

“Here [we] have more” – Martha, a Peace Lutheran community gardener, shared as she walked throughout her garden plots.  Since 2017, Peace Lutheran Church has hosted one of the Food for Others affiliated gardens through a local nonprofit Food Uniting Neighbors (FUN). The gardens are filled with vibrant leafy greens, burrowed beets, and plump tomatoes. It

Composting – The Basics

As we jump into Farmers Market season, pursuing the vendors of ripe strawberries, leafy greens, and fresh bread may come to mind. Farmers Markets are an amazing setting to find fresh, local produce and, due to Fairfax County expanding their 2022 initiative, somewhere to drop off your compost!  Composting is the process of naturally recycling

Social Work Appreciation Month: The Shayna Sargent Story

Every year in March, we celebrate Social Work Appreciation Month. Social work can be a demanding field, but given the opportunity, social workers can truly make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. At Food for Others, we rely on social workers to submit emergency referrals. With an emergency referral, families can

What’s Changing with SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAP, provides families struggling with food insecurity with monthly benefits. The program currently serves 41 million people (Civil Beat). In Virginia in 2022, the program served 764,600 residents (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities). SNAP benefits are determined based on an annual review of the Thrifty Food

Why Client Choice

“When an individual steps through the door at Food for Others,” shared Executive Director, Annie Turner, “we want them to feel a sense of belonging. While they are here, we want to give them a more normalized experience, and we want them to leave feeling empowered and supported. The new market accomplishes this and so