A Note of Recognition for former Executive Director Annie Turner

As Summer 2023 draws to a close, the Food for Others community says goodbye to former Executive Director, Annie Turner. We reflect on the legacy that Annie is leaving behind and the impact her leadership and passion have had on our community. 

While some of us only know Annie as the Executive Director, her work with Food for Others began over a decade prior to her appointment. After hearing about the need for volunteers at a local food bank back in 2002, Annie began volunteering at a Food for Others neighborhood site alongside her husband.  As Annie’s passion for Food for Others grew, she was later appointed to the Board of Directors. Following her 7-year term on the Board, Annie was appointed as the new Executive Director of Food for Others. In July 2016, Annie became the second ever Executive Director and we began to flourish under her leadership. 

Annie has led the Food for Others team to new heights – distributing more food and serving more community members than ever before. However, Annie’s time as Executive Director saw periods of uncertainty – most notably with the COVID-19 pandemic. Annie’s unwavering and steadfast leadership guided our team through these difficult times of social distancing and no in-house volunteer support. She rallied together staff and kept the doors of Food for Others open – distributing food during a time of uncertainty for much of the world.  

Following COVID-19, Food for Others continued to expand and thrive. During Annie’s tenure, Food for Others saw a growth in full-time staff members. As the team grew, our ability to distribute more food and further expand our impact did as well. In FY17 Food for Others distributed just over 2.2 million lbs. of food. Growing with continued demand, Food for Others distributed just over 3.7 million lbs. of food in FY22. Most notably, Food for Others opened a choice marketplace, My Market, in February 2023 under the direction of Annie. My Market embodies much of the work of Food for Others and the legacy Annie leaves, prioritizing dignity and comfort while supporting our neighbors.  

Annie’s work with Food for Others spans over two decades and, after serving as the Executive Director for seven years, Annie has transitioned out of the role. Annie leaves behind a Food for Others community that has grown and flourished under her leadership – expanding partnerships, staff members, and distribution. While we will miss Annie, we are grateful for all she has accomplished and are excited for her next adventure! Annie will always have a home with the Food for Others community. 

“Hope is inevitable if we envision a better tomorrow and take action.” – Annie Turner