Sustainable Steps

What is a sustainable food system? How can we change our existing food system to make it more sustainable? These are the questions food justice leaders ask themselves in their work to build a sustainable food system. Sustainable food systems are the second element of food justice work according to the Brooklyn Law Center. The

Healthy Food for All: Why Is Healthy Food Not Always Accessible?

To begin exploring food justice, we’re going to dive into what healthy food for all really means. Healthy food for all is one of the three priorities of food justice, and to move towards this goal, the food justice movement is working to improve access to fresh/high-quality foods. Many communities experience a lack of healthy

Diabeating Food Insecurity

If you’re new to Fairfax County, along with the abundance of strip malls and parking garages, you may be surprised by something else: the number of dialysis clinics.

Mental Health and Food Insecurity: Connected?

As a food bank, we help people through some of the most difficult times of their lives. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, October 3rd through 9th, we’ve chosen to acknowledge the impact of food insecurity on mental health.

Honoring International Day of the Older Person

Although poverty among older adults isn’t frequently discussed, a significant portion of older adults struggles with food insecurity. Food insecurity can be a point of shame for older adults as it challenges their self-reliance.

Bike Fundraiser on Behalf of Food for Others

Arjun Gowder’s Bike Ride Fundraiser was a tremendous success this year. After raising $250 last year, Arjun more than doubled his fundraising goal this year. The ride had a turnout of 34 people, beginning at 10:00 am on Sunday, October 17th. He raised $714.90, and his parents have agreed to match the funds raised.  With

New Organization, Cease Hunger, Inc., Assists Area Food Banks

High school student Nirav Ramchandani donated over 820 lbs of food this summer with his organization, Cease Hunger, Inc. Nirav Ramchandani  started Cease Hunger, Inc in May of 2021. Cease Hunger, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit. After seeing the need for food access grow in their community due to COVID-19, Nirav was inspired to take action. With Cease