My Market Press Release

Media Contact:  Anna Slaten, Director of Development and Outreach  240-751-7091    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Food for Others adds over 10,000 square feet to facility to introduce the power of choice to Northern Virginian residents experiencing food insecurity.  New space offers a grocery store-like shopping experience and wrap-around social services.  FAIRFAX, VA (February 9th, 2023)

Honoring Black History Month: 5 African American Anti-Hunger Activists

     1. Fannie Lou Hamer  Fannie Lou Hamer might not be a household name, but she made a tremendous impact in anti-hunger activism. In 1969, she founded the  Freedom Farm Cooperative (FFC) to help farmworkers experiencing hunger in the Mississippi Delta. At its height, the FFC grew to over 640 acres of land (Time

Dynamic Duos: Peter Fabry and Lisa Ninomiya

When you think of dynamic duos, maybe some classics like Thelma and Louise or Sonny and Cher (pre-separation) come to mind. However, here at Food for Others, we immediately think of the many volunteer partnerships…

A Murphy Family Thanksgiving Tradition

At 7 years old, Ian Murphy told his family he wanted to run his first food drive. Today, at 22, his food drive tradition continues to thrive. Murphy is now a Senior at Miami University in Ohio.

Understanding Food Insecurity Among Native American Communities

25% of Native Americans, more than double the national rate, experience food insecurity. In Indigenous communities, 35% of children are food insecure (Feeding America). 18 of the 28 Native American counties in the United States were found to have high food insecurity (Move on Hunger). Many Native Americans live in food deserts, worsening food insecurity

Thanksgiving Thank You from the Food for Others Team

FFO Community,   Just when we thought circumstances would change for the better, they became worse for many in our community. Those that were back on their feet, are now struggling again to put food on their tables.  This renewed concern and uncertainty brought many things to light, including how incredibly lucky we are to have

Dynamic Duos: Featuring Jane Polzer and Wil Sanders

Welcome to Dynamic Duos! Dynamic Duos is Food for Others’ newest Blog Series, featuring incredible volunteer partnerships. Jane Polzer and Wil Sanders are the perfect example of a Dynamic Duo. They are volunteer extraordinaries, passionate about food security, working together to serve clients.   Polzer and Sanders work as Ticket Pullers. Ticket Pullers are responsible for

Introducing Robert Farrell, Our New Board Chair

“I jumped at the chance.” This is how Food for Others’ new Board Chair, Robert Farrell, felt when he first learned we were looking for a new chair. Farrell has been a member of the Board for 5 years, initially joining in 2017. He was appointed to Board Chair at the October 2022 Board Meeting

Message from Annie

FFO Community,   The Food for Others team is truly amazed by the passion and support of this community. Through the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the unknown implications of inflation, this community has remained steadfast in their dedication to our neighbors in need. As advocates of food access and equity in our community, the Food