Hollin Farms Food Recovery

We gather fallen fruit for the food bank at Hollin Farms between July and October, preventing food waste and providing the families we serve with delicious, perfectly good fruit.

Family Fresh Program

We work alongside Virginia Extension and Wesley Housing to provide cooking and nutrition classes at local low-income housing developments.

  • Class participants are provided with boxes of fruits and vegetables each week, sourced directly from Waterpenny Farm.
  • We distributed a total of 10, 857 pounds of food to the participants in 2019.
  • Tthere were 28 graduates from the cooking class.

If you would like to donate to the Family Fresh program, please leave a note to specify your donation.

The Peace Gardens

Proper nutrition is key for children to grow, learn, and lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, at schools like Parklawn Elementary, many students are not getting enough fruits and vegetables.

Along with Food United Neighbors, we have two plots at Peace Lutheran Church where space is provided for families from Parklawn Elementary to grow their own produce.

Farmers Market Gleanings

Our Farmers Market Gleaners make weekly trips to local markets and bring back delicious, fresh produce to Food for Others which we distribute to food insecure families in our community.

If you are interested in signing up to be one of our farmers market gleaners, please email volunteer@foodforothers.org.

The Root System Initiative

Individuals in our community help us fight hunger by growing fresh herbs and vegetables in their gardens and donating the surplus to Food for Others.

If you have excess herbs and vegetables in your garden, please donate them to Food for Others at our warehouse, 2938 Prosperity Ave, between 9:30 am and 5pm, Monday- Friday at our warehouse, loading dock 2.