This document is intended to serve as instructions on how to refer a client to the Emergency Food Referral Program as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Return Client Dashboard         

Please check your organization’s Return Client Dashboard (RCD) client referral list before entering any new client information into your portal. This will help us to minimize duplicate client accounts and provide better service to our referring contacts and clients.  


Sending a referral for a returning client:

1)      Use your organization-specific RCD link to view your organization’s dashboard login screen.

2)      Enter your work/organization email address then click the ‘submit’ button.

Tip: use all lower case letters when entering your email address. Refresh the screen after each attempt to login.

3)      For those authorized to submit Mobile Site and Delivery Referrals: Review upcoming distribution date as well as the number of referrals still available.

4)      Before referring your client(s), review each client’s information to ensure it is still up-to-date.

Tip: pay special attention to contact information such as phone number and email as this is how our system will contact clients to let them know they have a referral.

5)      Review each client’s “Last pick-up location” to ensure that it is the location to which you want to send the repeat referral.

6)      If any changes are required, click the client-specific link next to their name, labeled “New Referral”.

  1.       After updating the form, click “Submit” and the referral will be sent.

7)      To send a referral, select the checkbox next to any and all returning clients that you want to refer.

8)      Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to send all referrals checked.

Tip: Try limiting the number of referrals you submit at a time to around 15 to minimize submission errors. 


Sending a referral for a new client:

Please check your organization’s client list on the RCD before entering new client information. Use the New Client Referral Form only if the client is not listed on your organization’s dashboard.

1)      After logging into the RCD portal:

  1.       Double check that the client is not listed on your RCD.
  2.       Click the link “Provide Referral for New Client” to view the New Client Referral Form.

2)      Fill out all required information, including listing all household member.

3)      Once the form is complete, click “Submit” at the bottom of the form to submit your client’s referral.

Additional Notes:

  1. If the client is referred to a Mobile Site or Delivery Distribution that is over capacity, they will be automatically transferred to the next available distribution date or the Food for Others Warehouse.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My client has been to Food for Others before, but I do not see them listed on my Return Client Dashboard. How can I submit their referral?

A: If your client has visited Food for Others, received a referral through another organization or through your organization 12 or more months ago, you will need to complete the ‘New Client Referral’ form through your RCD portal.

Q: I cannot find my organizations RCD link/I need access to my organizations RCD portal, where can I find this?

A: Requests for RCD links, or access to links, can be submitted through the Application for New Referring Organization/Contact. This is also accessible by selecting the ‘Get Help’ tab and going to the ‘For Social Workers’ page. Once you receive your RCD link, please save it, as you will use this to access the portal each time you need to make a referral

Tip: If you do not see the RCD email sent by the Food for Others team, please check your spam or junk folder as this email sometimes lands there.

Q: Why does it say my client is ineligible for a referral?

A: Seeing an ‘ineligible for referral’ notification can be caused by a few different reasons: 1) your client has used all their referrals for the year. 2) your client has picked up a referral in the current week.

Q: I want to submit a referral but the checkbox is greyed out, what should I do?

A: If you are unable to select the checkbox next to your clients name, and you have no warning messages displayed, this indicates that an information update is required. This can be completed by selecting the ‘New Referral’ link next to the clients name and updating the client intake form.

Q: I submitted a client referral, why is it not showing on my RCD dashboard?

A: Sometimes our system takes a few moments to update. Try the following steps before trying to resubmit your referral: 1) refresh your dashboard screen. 2) log out the RCD dashboard and log back in. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact a member of the Food for Others team.

Q: How long does it take for my referral to go through after I submit it through the RCD portal?

A: Referrals sent through the RCD portal are almost instantly added to our system. This allows us to promptly provide service for your client.

Q: My email address and/or the organization I work for has changed, how do I update this?

A: Information can be updated by completing the ‘New Referring Contact’ form. You may also reach out to our team by email at to request that your information is updated.