A Message From Executive Director Annie Turner on P3’s 10th Anniversary

Dear Power Packers,

Words cannot express my gratitude for your service to the children in our community throughout the years. Your commitment to the students we serve is truly admirable. Because of your diligence and blood, sweat, and tears (yes, we’ve had all of these), you’ve ensured that 25,000 students didn’t go hungry over the weekend. You understood better than anyone that if we did not distribute those packs, students would not be successful in school because they would not have the foundation to start the week on a good note, something that most people take for granted.

One source of pride for Food for Others is that once we make a commitment, we do not falter on that commitment. This year, that commitment was more important than ever as our numbers increased. Our incredible P3 team rose to the challenge of the growing number of children who live with food insecurity. This school year we increased the number of children served each week and the number of schools served by 50%. Did I mention we were still in the throes of a pandemic and the food supply chain was still broken? This was no easy task, but the team, led by Nikki, Mary, and Linden persevered! It was quite remarkable to see the determination and grit exhibited by all the volunteers and staff involved with the program. Despite waves of covid, lack of food, injuries, changes in staff, etc, this team pulled it together for the children and did so with grace.

I can’t thank you enough for making our P3 program a success through the years. Not only did you feed 25,000 consistently throughout the school year, but you distributed over 640,000 packs and 1.8 million pounds of food in the last 10 years!

Happy 10th birthday P3!