Dynamic Duos: Hecda Cuadros and Debbie Snedden

“Debbie’s knowledge and expertise plus Hecdas ability to speak Spanish and their awesome customer service skills make them a perfect pair,” shared Shannon White, Food for Others Volunteer Coordinator. Their incredible teamwork makes them Food for Others’ next dynamic duo. 

Hecda Cuadros and Debbie Snedden were originally brought together by their joint interest in giving back. When Snedden first retired, she and her husband were already familiar with Food for Others. She decided to get involved, reflecting that “[she] wanted to see how the organization was run and give back to the community.” She explained that she’s continued volunteering over the years because “[she’s] found it to be a friendly, fun place to work.” Part of what’s made her experience so enjoyable is working with Cuadros. Snedden originally met Cuadros when Cuadros’ regular partner was out, and she began to sub in. 

Cuadros has been volunteering at Food for Others for nearly 20 years. She began by working in the warehouse. Over the past 15 years, she’s worked as a client intake volunteer. Cuadros explained that she’s been drawn to volunteer by both how it makes her feel and the community she’s able to serve. She also hopes that her fluency in Spanish helps clients feel more comfortable; “I think it’s really nice for them to speak to someone in Spanish since so many clients are Hispanic.”  

Client intake volunteers, like Cuadros and Snedden, are responsible for greeting clients at the front desk. They ask clients some questions to determine if they qualify for food assistance and serve as a friendly face, ensuring clients feel welcome at Food for Others. Intake volunteers typically work in pairs.  

Cuadros and Snedden work well together thanks to their complementary skills. Snedden described Cuadros as “one of [her] best friends,” sharing that she’s “upbeat, kind, and funny.” When at the front desk, Cuadros is a ray of sunshine and her fluency in Spanish makes a tremendous difference. Spanish is “an invaluable skill when working at the front desk,” according to Snedden.  

While Cuadros assists Snedden with Spanish, Snedden is able to help with any data entry issues that may come up. Cuadros described Snedden as her “tech expert.” She explained that they “complement” each other “because [she] does the Spanish clients, and Debbie helps [her] with the technology.” She jokingly shared that they also “party together” and that Snedden “loves margaritas.”  

Volunteering at Food for Others has spawned a beautiful friendship for Cuadros and Snedden. Their successful partnership is the epitome of a dynamic duo.