Introducing Robert Farrell, Our New Board Chair

“I jumped at the chance.” This is how Food for Others’ new Board Chair, Robert Farrell, felt when he first learned we were looking for a new chair. Farrell has been a member of the Board for 5 years, initially joining in 2017. He was appointed to Board Chair at the October 2022 Board Meeting to succeed Bobby Bhatnagar after his three-year long term.  His term as Board Chair will be one year.  

Farrell was inspired to join the Board when he participated in Food for Others 2016 Golf Tournament. While at the tournament, he spoke with former Board Member Mark Hornby. Hornby believed Farrell would be a strong candidate for the Board thanks to his experience with markets and investing.  

Over the past five years, Farrell’s knowledge of investing has proved invaluable to the Food for Others team. Much of the Boards work is accomplished through committees, so Farrell was introduced to the Investment Committee of the Board. The committee developed an Investment Policy Statement and follows a set of guidelines for how funds are managed. Since Farrell learned about Food for Others through our Golf Tournament, he also joined the Golf Committee. He’s been a strong asset to the Golf Committee, assisting in 2017 and 2018, and when the tournament returned in 2022.  

Farrell’s been amazed by the changes he’s seen during his time on the Board, stating “As a board member, [I’m] part of the enhancement process. Back when I first started, it was just one warehouse. It’s been astounding to see how much work we’ve been able to do and how much more we can provide.” He was especially excited to see how Food for Others adapted during the pandemic. He explained that “Through the pandemic, [he] really saw the value of our organization in Fairfax County.” 

Farrell also shared with us why the Board Chair position appealed to him. He described feeling humbled by the opportunity and looking forward to “expanding what [he] can do for the group.” He’s also excited to gain a better understanding of the committees and how they work together.  

In his new role, Farrell hopes the Board will continue “cohesively working together.” He plans to have the Board “continue focusing on our individual tasks” and “serve the same purpose from a variety of expertise.” He humbly emphasized that becoming Board Chair is “not about him” but “leading the organization better and continuing to track towards our goals.” During his tenure as Chair, many changes are coming to Food for Others. Farrell will be an important voice in our upcoming expansion and future programming developments.