Message from Annie

FFO Community,  

The Food for Others team is truly amazed by the passion and support of this community. Through the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the unknown implications of inflation, this community has remained steadfast in their dedication to our neighbors in need. As advocates of food access and equity in our community, the Food for Others team has been strategically planning and continually assessing how we can better serve our community. 

Moving into 2023, we are excited to announce that Food for Others will be expanding and adding to our Merrifield Warehouse. This expansion will include a new and improved ‘My Market’ shopping experience that provides clients with the opportunity to shop for their food. Everything that we do here at Food for Others revolves around better serving our neighbors in need and providing them with a truly impactful experience. We started the choice pantry model in July of 2016 and quickly realized how important this was for the dignity of our clients and for the reduction of food waste. The opportunity to offer clients what they need based on cultural or dietary preferences along with providing more nutritious options remains a top priority for FFO. Starting in March 2020, we had to close the shopping area for safety precautions and because we were not able to accommodate the increased volume of households we now serve daily. This new market will be twice as large as our current market and will allow all people that come to FFO the option to shop for their food. It will be handicapped accessible, and it will feel more like a grocery store than a pantry. In addition, we plan to partner with other organizations to provide supplementary services that have been requested by our clients through surveys. This new experience at Food for Others will not just be transactional but our hope is that it will be transformational. 

Through the generosity of the community, we can embark on this expansion effort. With growth comes change and we graciously ask that this community stand with us as we navigate through these uncharted waters. When you visit FFO in the next few months, you will notice that the parking lot is more full than usual. We have taken preemptive steps to mitigate traffic issues by adding another bay for food deliveries and donations and by scheduling our large deliveries during off times. Thank you for your patience and for helping us work towards a future without food insecurity in our community! 


Annie Turner

Executive Director