SNAP Benefits on Amazon

Since its November 2020 start, Amazon’s program to provide food for SNAP members has grown tremendously. Currently, SNAP recipients in 45 states and D.C can utilize Amazon. The program extends to all states except Alaska, Montana, Louisiana, and Hawaii.  


SNAP refers to the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP supplements the food budgets of its recipients to increase their access to healthy food. The USDA has provided food stamp services since 1939.  Modern-day SNAP EBT was introduced in 1988. Electronic Benefits Transfer, EBT, refers to the online system for recipients to pay by debit card. 

To order food with SNAP, a recipient can add his/her EBT card then enter his/her EBT pin to pay. Eligible items are included on Amazon Grocery and Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is only available to Prime members, so access to it is a perk for SNAP. Eligible items will have a “SNAP EBT” label. 

The program provides options for free shipping on both sites. For free shipping on Amazon Grocery, SNAP users must spend $25 or more.  On Amazon Fresh, a SNAP recipient must spend at least $35 for free shipping. Many of the popular products on the sites, like Campbells Soup and Quaker Oats, are further discounted. 

Additionally, SNAP users can access Prime for 50% off. The price decreases from $12.99 per month to $5.99. Prime allows SNAP recipients to access Prime Video, Amazon Music, and cheaper products.

Amazon’s program for SNAP users continues to grow as federal funding increases. Biden is increasing the USDA’s funding for the SNAP program from 90 billion to 117 billion dollars this past year. The program will hopefully be increasing access to healthy and affordable food in all 50 states very soon.