Dynamic Duos: Featuring Jane Polzer and Wil Sanders

Welcome to Dynamic Duos! Dynamic Duos is Food for Others’ newest Blog Series, featuring incredible volunteer partnerships. Jane Polzer and Wil Sanders are the perfect example of a Dynamic Duo. They are volunteer extraordinaries, passionate about food security, working together to serve clients.   Polzer and Sanders work as Ticket Pullers. Ticket Pullers are responsible for

Introducing Robert Farrell, Our New Board Chair

“I jumped at the chance.” This is how Food for Others’ new Board Chair, Robert Farrell, felt when he first learned we were looking for a new chair. Farrell has been a member of the Board for 5 years, initially joining in 2017. He was appointed to Board Chair at the October 2022 Board Meeting

Message from Annie

FFO Community,   The Food for Others team is truly amazed by the passion and support of this community. Through the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the unknown implications of inflation, this community has remained steadfast in their dedication to our neighbors in need. As advocates of food access and equity in our community, the Food

Labor Day Reflections: Hear From Board Member, Arnoldo Borja

When we think of Labor Day, what first comes to mind might be the end of summer barbecues or that final pool party, but Labor Day is also a reminder of the important role of labor in our society. The Department of Labor explains that Labor Day was established “when labor activists pushed for a

The Food Justice Movement and Farm Workers

If you’ve been following along with our Food Justice series, you may be excited to hear that we’ve reached the third aspect of food justice – Justice for farm workers. “Farmworkers are an essential part of our food system, yet one that remains unseen. They work long, hard days, handling dangerous equipment and chemicals all

A Message From Executive Director Annie Turner on P3’s 10th Anniversary

Dear Power Packers, Words cannot express my gratitude for your service to the children in our community throughout the years. Your commitment to the students we serve is truly admirable. Because of your diligence and blood, sweat, and tears (yes, we’ve had all of these), you’ve ensured that 25,000 students didn’t go hungry over the

Sustainable Steps

What is a sustainable food system? How can we change our existing food system to make it more sustainable? These are the questions food justice leaders ask themselves in their work to build a sustainable food system. Sustainable food systems are the second element of food justice work according to the Brooklyn Law Center. The

Healthy Food for All: Why Is Healthy Food Not Always Accessible?

To begin exploring food justice, we’re going to dive into what healthy food for all really means. Healthy food for all is one of the three priorities of food justice, and to move towards this goal, the food justice movement is working to improve access to fresh/high-quality foods. Many communities experience a lack of healthy

The Beginnings of Food Justice

You may be familiar with the term food insecurity, but what about food justice? When we think of the word “justice,” we typically associate it with freedom and equality…